About Me

about me

Hi, I'm Steve. I've been developing iPhone and iPad apps for the last three years based around education.

I’m a Entrepreneurial App Developer & Consultant with experience of the education market. I’ve attained a wealth of knowledge of consumer needs. My academic education is in computer science, and I spent a fair amount of time after graduation teaching - this has helped me to develop who I am and how I go delivering about successful projects.

I’m good at communicating with clients, developers and designers (those with and without technical knowledge). I listen and pride myself on a strong attention to detail.
Beyond coding, I enjoy attempting to play football, tennis and having fun in great company.

My Projects

For technical writing I've created a tutorial series over at Medium - Medium Profile which are certainly worth a look as they are getting promoted by publications including Better Programming and The Startup.

I publish a range of educational materials on TES, and I am a TES recommended author.

I developed my own website - Studeapps - to promote educational Apps and accompanying lessons have been used by over ten thousand teachers around the world.

If you are interested in educational technology do check out my blog.

Working with a designer I have also led creating the following Apps

Store link: Cowash

A B2C platform for laundry

Swift project, I hold responsibility for updates and maintenance.

Store link: Ça Papot

Created as a full-featured Chat App

Coded in Swift.
Developed with RXSwift, using sockets to access the server. Uses peer-to-peer WebRTC for voice and audio data, and a custom view to display text messages. CallKit is implemented for VOIP notifications, and new messages notify the user when the App is in the background. Implemented with RXSwift, PromiseKit and Alamofire for API calls.

Store link: TASKAL

Created as a full-featured communications platform

A React Native for a Japanese travel agency, featuring a Chat App and video conferencing.

Below are a number of selected apps from my portfolio, with selected code avaliable on my GitHub page.

Store link: Classroom Noise Monitor

Developed for use by teachers in classrooms worldwide

Downloaded over 16,000 times
Uses AVFoundation and Objective-C
Universal App developed from a mobile orchard tutorial

Store link: Take Home Pay and Tax (PAYE) Calc 2017

Up to date with the current UK tax regime

600 Active monthly users, unit testing in Xcode
Developed using Objective-C
Uses ViewDeck framework to manage menus, Stack Views, use of CocoaPods and Unit testing of business logic

Store link: 2D Shapes Wordsearch

Created to help students memorise keywords

Developed with MCV principles using Objective-C
Accesses local files for storage.
Uses UITapGestureRecognizer, UIBezierPath, protocol and delegate. Loosly based on a Ray Wenderlich tutorial.

Store link: Teacher Timer

Simple iOS timer for use in schools

Developed with MCV principles using Swift
Demonstration of clean code and MVC principles.

Store link: Stroop test

Created to use the OpenEars framework

Coded in Swift
Uses OpenEars framework for offline speech recognition.

Store link: Exchange Rates

Created to help travellers access exchange rates

Coded in Swift.
Developed to demonstrate object persistence, use of JSON data, UITableView and Core Data.

Link to the App Store:


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I look forward to hearing from you!